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    What Does Eating “cardio clear 7” Really Mean?

    Many people have finally come to realize the value of clean cardio clear 7 eating. Once you get away from all the products that come in a box and only want to eat stuff you can grab off a produce shelf, you’re feeling pretty clean.

    But what does eating “clean” really mean?

    1. It’s All About The Grains

    I like to think I’m a vegetarian because I don’t eat any cardio clear 7 animal products. There is nothing that suggests otherwise. All animal products are processed and most of them are dog food.

    As far as grains go, you can consider them grains. Where things go, they get eaten.

    Anything made with a white flour (bread, muffins, pastas, bagels, etc) is probably going to be loaded with carbohydrates and will pack on the pounds.

    1. Processed “Healthy” Fats

    Not all fats are bad. Actually, the body needs some fats to function not only for digestion, but in some instances they can help ease digestion. In order to function properly, cardio clear 7 however, there are some fats that need to be consumed in moderation.

    If your food isn’t sources from ruminant (or Watcharian) animals such as cattle, bison, kangaroo, and goats, …